We are not supposed to get into the oven

“If I get home late and my wife leaves me a message saying, ‘Your dinner is in the oven,’ that doesn’t mean she expects me to get into the oven to eat my dinner. It means it’s ready and waiting, and when the time comes I can get it out and eat it at the table in the ordinary way. Our problem here, compounded by the radical misreading of the phrase kingdom of heaven to mean a place where God’s people go after their death.” (N.T. Wright)

The Kingdom of Heaven is a reality beyond our own time, space reality and understanding. It crashes into our world, it will be fully manifested with the Second Coming of Jesus, but it is not a place to ascend to, it is a glory to become. 

N. T. Wright complements, “in John 14, Jesus says that there are many dwelling places in his father’s house, and that he’s going to prepare a place for his followers. The Greek word for ‘dwelling places’ here is monai , the plural of monē; and if you look up monē in a Greek lexicon you’ll find that it doesn’t mean ‘dwelling places’ as in ‘a home where you go and live forever,’ but rather a lodging house, a place to stay awhile and rest and be refreshed until it’s time to continue on your journey.”

Porque eu odeio religião, mas amo Jesus. // Why I hate religion, but love Jesus.

Este video está na internet por algum tempo, mas se você não viu ainda, tire um tempo para vê-lo.

This video is on the internet for a while now, but if you haven’t watched it yet, take a time to do so.

Being Naked

There is a level of intimacy that words can not express. This connection of intimacy between two persons that allows one to know the other in an infinite way. When we fall in love, we desire this intimacy, and the truth is that we have not come to know this relational connection by healthy models. Men and women have not been examples of relationship with ourselves, with the neighbor, with God. That is what I want to talk about: it is needed to bet naked. What am I talking about? Do not get confused, dive in the Word with me and let us understand this.

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The Prodigal Father


My spiritual dad always points out how God’s love is extravagant, and lavishes over us. He is constantly teaching on the famous story of the lost son found in Luke chapter 11, commonly known as the prodigal son, or as I learned from him, the prodigal father.

So I decided to write this note to you today. The definition of ‘prodigal’ is ‘wastefully extravagant’. Even thought you cannot find this word in the Bible, that’s a very accurate definition for His love. He loves you so much that he squanders all of His love, riches, grace, abundance on and for you. Do not ever let the syndrome of the older brother ever make you doubt of the prodigal Father God!!!

Video Clip – Waves of Love // Vídeo Clip – Ondas de Amor

This is a 5 minutes video I did on my phone and edited on my iPad of our first Wave of Love (our church on the streets). It has been a lot of fun, God is being revealed to our new friends, there is healing, deliverance, transformation and dreams from Papa God with plans of hope and future! Every Tuesday on Diário Park in Recife.

Este é um vídeo de 5 minutos que eu fiz com meu telefone e editei no meu iPad da nossa primeira Onda de Amor (nossa igreja nas ruas). Tem sido divertido, Deus está sendo revelado para nossos novos amigos, há cura, libertação, transformação e sonhos de Deus Papai com planos de esperança e futuro!
Toda terça-feira na Praça do Diário em Recife.