Is Revelation a sequence of events? (by Jonathan Welton)

Disrupting Culture

I was recently discussing the Book of Revelation with a friend and thought that I should blog about some of our discussion, as many of you may find this helpful if you have struggled with the same theological concepts.

My friend has admitted that he holds to a position known as Historical Premillennialism, as well as being a Mild Preterist with a dash of Historicism for good measure (don’t worry, this isn’t going to turn into an academic paper).

This week we will examine my friend’s opening statement. And I will paraphrase: “I believe that the Book of Revelation is written in sequential order and will happen over the course of church history. That it began to unfold in 70AD, but Babylon represents the Roman Empire collapsing which happened in the 5th century, also the wedding of the lamb will be in our future as well.”

Many of you…

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