Heaven is not the end of the world.

I had been searching for a line between the Kingdom of God and the book of Revelation for the longest in my life. I remember the phases I went through, for a time I just saw the end of times study, eschatology, as the near future and then I would go to the advancing of the Kingdom. Then I came accross Global Awakening and Randy Clark and I started to completely ignore the texts about the end of the world. That is, because I truly began to see the manifestation of God’s kingship on earth and I didn’t know what to do about it, I couldn’t reconcile what I was seeing with what I had learned about the end of the world.

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Can you do missions when you are not on the “field”?

Can someone positively affect the world by the work of the Holy Spirit? Would that necessary mean that a person must be a missionary or an ordained minister to do so? So why are we not seeing the fruits of transformation in our lives? Let me try to answer some of these questions.

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Identifying Immaturity 

An immature person can easily waste opportunities and speedily trade fruits that will last for a lifetime for short time benefits that won’t sustain the destiny God has for one.

Here’s how Jack Frost call it out in his book, “From Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship”:

Here are a few characteristics of immaturity. Notice how each one also reflects characteristics of an orphan heart: Immaturity is a slave to circumstances and emotions. Our circumstances determine whether we have a “good hair day” or “bad hair day.” Immaturity is a slave to self, seeking to meet personal needs at others’ expense. Immaturity seeks the place of comfort, ease, least resistance, and whatever makes us feel valued and affirmed. Immaturity obeys out of a fear of loss or punishment, not because we do not want to grieve the one we love. Immaturity values people for what they can do for us, not for relationship. Thus, we unconsciously use and manipulate people to meet our needs. Immaturity demands its own way or nothing. “If you do not play my way, I am going to take my ball and go home.” Immaturity is subject to its own mission. Our thoughts continually gravitate toward me, myself, and I. Immaturity is “obtain-oriented”: “How does this benefit me?” Our choices are influenced by what we can gain. Immaturity is self-centered, self-consuming, and self-referential. “Let’s talk about you for a while … have you read my book yet?”

When we allow the present circunstances forge our character and embrace the obedience to wait for the Father’s inheritance we won’t let immaturity jeopardize our destiny.

Direitos Humanos e Cristianismo

Uma Perspectiva Bíblica da Mulher

O Cristianismo é uma religião que nasce no Oriente, dentro do contexto judaico, no Primeiro Século. Liderado por Jesus de Nazaré, o movimento tomou proporções de alcance mundial ainda nos primeiros 100 anos de sua fundação e revolucionou profundamente a civilização de sua época. Neste período em que os direitos fundamentais ainda não haviam sido conquistados, os textos, que mais tarde se tornariam o Novo Testamento da Bíblia Canônica, trouxeram uma nova era para o mundo com suas interpretações e empoderaram as pessoas em funções de transformação social. Continue reading “Direitos Humanos e Cristianismo”

Random thought on February 21st, 2016

When Jesus finally comes, we will see how wrong we were and how He makes everything right. But before such fullness of time, He has charged the sons and daughters of God to prepare the way for Him, on earth as it is in heaven, bringing the principles and foundations of God’s Kingdom Culture, here and now. We ought to establish His reign and enthrone Him in our lives in everything we do. Only then, when we are not living for ourselves, will we see the life of Jesus impacting our atmosphere and the lasting fruits. 

Yes, then He will come and make His home among us and reign over the world. Yes, all the kingdoms of this world will become His and of His Christ. 

Are you ready for that?