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This week, we had powerful encounters on the streets of Recife. Gi, Aline and I prayed for dozens of people and they were touched in different ways by Papa’s love. One special time was with a 16 year old girl, homeless and very depressed. It’s been months since we last saw her, but she came to our street church. There she came for arts and to talk to us. She was so touched, tears were dripping down her face, and after we prayed for her and it was time to go she asked for us to come back more often. This young princess had been so abused by men in her life that she despise all men, she even kicked one guy that night as he tried to seduce her. She is so wounded and hurt, but she saw Jesus that night. As we were leaving she gave us all hugs and called me dad, all smiles. I didn’t understand at first, but Aline told us later, “she hates men, she has not seen a standard for godly men in her entire life, and now she sees it. She saw Jesus, she saw purity and she acknowledged that her way, calling you dad.” Wow! That’s a testimony worth sharing!!! She called us the next day to Aline asking for us, saying she misses us and that she wanted to play dominoes with us in the streets. Aline and Gi already got the dominoes. We will keep loving on her, showing her value and purity. Yay! Wow! How wonderful for us to be a part of life transforming encounters like this. You are called to do the same, reveal the Father everywhere you go and be an answer of the hope you possess for those who have no hope.


Tomorrow I fly out for the 2013 Youth Power Invasion, I’m super excited with all the God has for us these days. We will be hosting crusades, training and revival meetings all over the city of Santarem in lower Amazon. Pray for our team, speakers and the event, pray also for the Shores team, the next love banquet and the ministry of Jesus in Recife.

9 cent hike causes clashes on Brazil streets

Brazil is under construction.

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Nine cents have been enough to make tens of thousands of Brazilians cry foul for a week.

For the demonstrators who have transformed streets in Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte into protest battlegrounds, it isn’t so much that the price of a bus ticket went up from 3.00 to 3.20 reais ($1.38 to $1.47).

The small bump in fare was the straw that broke the camel’s back in a much larger issue, and protesters plan to march again Tuesday to vent their anger.

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Father’s Love Banquet

Yesterday we had one of the best moments in our ministry. We hosted the Father’s Love Banquet, and this one was exceptional!

The Father’s Love Banquet is a special dinner Shores of Grace does for girls in abuse and trapped in prostitution. We do it every month and it is a part of the process of rescuing ladies from sex trafficking in Recife. We usually first ministry to them on the streets and following up in relationship we take them to this special night. We rent a hotel room and a restaurant serve them with great food. It is a fancy place with the only goal to love on the girls. There’s no other agenda for the night. And last night it was really impacting, they arrived and were welcomed by our team who took them to a time of makeup and pictures. After that we had them seat at the table and they were served with delicious food. After they were done eating, I read to them the Father Love’s Letter, that was a good start. Then Mama Tracee Loosle shared a message that pierced through their darkness and brought them to a place of light, hope and love. They then received prayer from our team and mama Tracee and Martha, they all had their value reaffirmed and we could see their dreams being awakened. Ah! What a night!!! Tears everywhere!!! Tears of joy and hope. Nic and Rachael closed the night singing identity and destinies over them. This was the best one yet, we can’t wait for the next one in July!

Thank you very much for your support, in prayers and finances, you are a part of a Love’olution, restoring lives and transforming destinies. Pictures will be posted here soon.